Chronic Physical Illness Therapy

Stress-related and Chronic Physical IllnessChronic and stress-related illness, our third area of expertise, is closely related to our other two areas of expertise (life transitions and spiritual development and trauma). Often developing the symptoms from stress-related and chronic physical illness that underlie these diagnoses, like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, colitis, lupus, or diabetes, can create a life transition.

Often we struggle against our limitations, trying to carry on with our regular jobs and demands of our lives. When we realize this just isn’t possible, a type of life transition will occur.

Often, chronic illness creates situations where we feel:

  • Week
  • Vulnerable
  • Defective

Living with these illnesses is often a very isolating experience. We can describe our symptoms, yet no one else entirely understands what it’s like to live with them day in and day out. Trauma survivors also feel defective and isolated.

Yet chronic illness has its own specific demands as well. Managing the condition may require frequent medical interventions at the hands of multiple medical professionals. Often, the outcome of these efforts is unclear.

Illness brings us face to face with our weakness as human beings at the exact same time it demands our time and attention to manage the symptoms. Chronic conditions give us the opportunity to make peace with our limitations and practice humility.

Many chronic conditions are made worse by our pain and stress, whether it’s related to the condition or the rest of our lives. Often a fibro attack or a migraine is triggered by a spike in stress in our lives.

Progress with lupus or Crohn’s disease can be completely undermined by negative coping skills brought on by stressful lives. Often many of these chronic conditions require us to change how we live our lives, our eating and sleeping habits. When we need to make and maintain these sorts of changes in the face of an overwhelming diagnosis, seeking professional support is a smart idea. We encourage you to choose an integrative health solution at ATS Wellness and Therapy.

Image credits: Monica Antonelli via Compfight