Stress Management Therapy

No doubt about it – life is full of change. Things we enjoy and things we hate will all change. Sometimes these changes are welcome. Whether a change is positive or negative, it will likely include a certain amount of stress. Sometimes that amount of stress is easy for us to handle, and sometimes it’s not.

Sometimes the stress goes beyond what we know how to manage. Maybe we aren’t even sure why we are so stressed, which makes it even harder to reduce our stress. Individual therapy can be of great help in these cases. Working with a therapist can clarify where the stress is coming from and create new strategies for managing it more effectively.

The therapists in our Indianapolis practice are all masters-level, state-licensed clinicians. This means we are all rigorously trained in human psychology and how our assumptions, beliefs, past experiences, and coping strategies prevent us from living the life we want.

Positive life transitions, like retirement, getting married, having a child, etc., mean changes in how we define ourselves, the roles we are asked to fill, and the expectations of others. Working with a therapist, proactively, can help you navigate these changes in a fulfilling and growth producing way.

If you are considering talking to a professional counselor, then the time to do so is now. Please call our Indianapolis office to make an appointment: 317-820-3600. Therapy can be as intense as 2-3 times a week or as laidback as 1-2 times per month. Don’t hesitate the chance to live life on your terms.

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