Life Transitions and Spiritual Development Therapy

Every human life involves normal transitions and abrupt or tragic transitions. It is important to recognize that even “normal” transitions, like growing up, starting a career, starting a family, etc., create stress and require new skills, especially emotional skills. Adolescence,or the period from age 14 to 24, is a decade of continual physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual transitions. During periods of transition, everyone can benefit from consulting a professional therapist. Using therapy during transitions can help you check in with yourself, re-evaluate your choices, learn new skills to manage new situations, and ensure you optimize your personal development.

The benefit of therapy during abrupt or tragic transitions is even more clear. These types of transitions often cause us to struggle, to re-evaluate, and to hurt emotionally. They can rock us to our core, if they’re big enough. These transitions include: getting laid-off, divorce, changes in physical health or ability, and death. While many of us are able to overcome these challenges all by ourselves, we can often obtain more personal growth or reduce the time-frame of recovery with professional help.

Often periods of stress, good or bad, can trigger or expose an underlying issue, such as anxiety or depression. Many of us are good at avoiding admitting how often we struggle, feel on edge, or feel unhappy. Periods of stress and change can make it impossible to ignore this any longer. Nor should you. Professional therapy has been proven to reduce these symptoms. Don’t struggle alone.

All spiritual traditions recommend ways to manage and understand life’s changes. Periods of change can also be periods of intense spiritual growth. Sometimes we realize that our faith needs to deepen; it’s not quite up the challenge facing us. Other times, the life transition facing us brings us into direct conflict with our personal values and beliefs, or the beliefs of our religious community. Working with a spiritually guided and adept therapist can help us discover what we hold to be true and understand the teachings of our religious faith more deeply. Faith can also be threatened by the experience of depression and anxiety.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash