Adolescent and Teen Therapy

Your kid is making you crazy. Your teenager wants to talk to “somebody.” Finding a good therapist to help your child is hard. Our counselors and therapists on the northwest side of Indianapolis know how to connect with teens and kids. We will work with you and your child to figure out where the hardest parts are.

Once we know what’s making mom and dad craziest or what’s keeping your teenager up at night, then we will work with you to decide how to best help your child, which may include family sessions, individual sessions, support in the community, skills coaching or other therapy interventions.

Working with teenagers requires a certain awareness of privacy. A teenager is still a “minor,” however he or she will benefit more from therapy if they feel comfortable.

Our counselors know how to find the balance between protecting your child’s privacy, keeping them safe, and keeping you engaged with the process.

To work with one of our counselors, please call our office at 317-820-3600.

Your first appointment will include you and your child to make sure everyone is heard. If your child is comfortable, we may ask you to step out for part of the appointment as well. We look forward to discovering the best your child can be!

Photo by Elijah M. Henderson on Unsplash