Meet Allen Rader, LCSW

I am a therapist and an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in human development and business. Early in my career, I held positions as sales manager, general manager and data processing manager then became a therapist as my second career.

I co-founded IHR Clinical Services, a private therapy practice, and IHR Business Services, a coaching, consulting, and training business. Currently, I own and manage, ATS Wellness and Therapy: Therapy and Wellness Strategies.

I enjoy assisting people in transforming their lives rather than just learning to cope with the challenges of life. For those who choose to go on this journey together, we become partners.

We bring our knowledge of human behavior, life, holistic health care, and personal development to assist my clients in creating the life that they want. We explore what life is presenting you and not only work with the challenges of the past but also explore a vision of the future.

We explore what needs to be learned, changed, healed and transformed for you to clarify the vision of your life and bring it to fruition.

To make an appointment with me call the office at 317-446-5676.