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You’re at the right place. My name is Allen Rader and I’m a licensed Psychotherapist in Indianapolis, IN. I believe therapy is a process of working together to heal the issues that are bothering you and to develop a foundation for a successful life with good mental health. 

For me, therapy is assisting people in expanding their life strategies and evolving as a person. This builds resilience and improves the quality of our lives. It’s amazing how much anxiety, depression, disillusionment and compulsivity decrease when we don’t just target the symptoms of our distress.

I help people who have psychological issues that are affecting their job. I am skilled with traditional mental health challenges such as: depression, anxiety, OCD, trauma, relationship struggles, marriage counseling and grief counseling.

I assist people in transforming their lives rather than just learning to cope with the challenges of life. For those who choose to go on this journey together, we become partners. I bring my knowledge of human behavior, life, holistic health care, and personal development to assist them in creating the life that they want. We explore what life challenges are causing you distress and not only work with the past but also explore a vision of the future. We explore what needs to be learned, changed, healed and transformed for you to clarify the vision of your life and bring it to fruition.

Allen Rader, LCSW’s Credentials:

Washington University in St.Louis (1992-1995)

Masters of Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy

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