Online Dating in Indianapolis: Heaven or Hell

Having trouble with online dating in Indianapolis? People not writing you back, attracting people you cannot stand, getting lied to, and just feeling it’s a useless exercise. Then you want to listen to Amy Webb’s TED TALK: How I Hacked On Line Dating.

Amy refused to give up. She figured out what her dream man was like. She found how to quickly tell whether to keep talking with specific men. Researched what compatible men like in a woman and looked at her competition.

Gradually, she began to understand why interesting men were not contacting her. She began to make changes that honored her integrity while getting the right men’s attention. Eventually she ended up marrying the man of her dreams.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from singles is the difficulty in finding quality people to date. With modern technology, it is so easy to treat each other poorly that people are doing it out of laziness.

As more and more people show so little regard for each other, the experience of internet dating is becoming less and less rewarding. Clearly significant numbers of people are finding each other on the net, but the process is causing many people to no longer participate.

Amy Webb decided to fight back. She did it in her own way. I suggest you listen to her funny and interesting story. Few people will want to do it her way. However, I expect most people to get a few ideas from her along with some hope and encouragement. Good luck and enjoy your On line Dating in Indianapolis.

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Allen Rader, LCSW – Allen is a therapist, entrepreneur and founder of ATS Wellness and Therapy: therapy and wellness strategies and occasionally writes for, a business blog for the Indianapolis community. He enjoys assisting people in transforming their lives rather than just learning to cope with the challenges of life.


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